Message from the Editor for the 2020 edition

   This volume is derived from a 1945 third printing edition, by scanning, OCR and repairing the OCR, incorporating actual in-class lecture notes by an unknown student (which corrected many original errors) and correcting many other errors in the original text.

   Note that it is very important for students to complete ALL the exercises in the Exercise Book in order to gain the full learning value from this valuable resource. As well, a completed Exercise Book gives you an excellent future reference, written in your own hand, for best recall. It was a major effort by all the participating teachers over the years to locate and catalog all the examples of every part of the sentence, all done on typewriters and assembled from mimeographed exercise pages over the years. All for your enlightenment!

   Why am I reviving a grammar text originally written so long ago? Professor Null was of my grandparent's generation. I think it is a good idea for people to see how far English usage has deteriorated in just a couple generations, as they revisit good grammar via this book. I have moved the exercises into their own work-book, so that this main text is uncluttered for your future guidance as well as providing more work space for the written exercises.

   But why a text derived from this region of the country? This area is "In the Heart of the Heart of the Country" (1968), as Professor William Gass would say, and the schools had a very high scholastic standard that most other areas would envy.

Kathleen McCroskey, Editor, September 2020
Class of '65 (attended as "Robert")
Editor/Publisher Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter ISSN 1206-4122 from 1996-2005

Marsha McCroskey, Associate Editor
Class of '69
After raising a family of eight children, Marsha went back to school at age 39 and earned a BA in English with Minor in Fine Arts Studio from Indiana University in 1995 at age 45.
Taught for 10 years as Substitute Teacher MCCSC.
Masters Degree work in School of Library & Information Science, Indiana University.
Worked as an Assistant Librarian at I.U. Library.
Published Author: All and other publications. Journalist for Fort Wayne Free Press and other publications, Free lance artist.


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